Talk Around Town

Kids love it too:  “I heard about CCNS through friends whose children went there; she said, ‘It is a good way to meet people in the community – you become very involved.’  My daughter asks to go to school even on weekends.”

On being flexible:  “I could choose to send my son there two, three, four, or five days – not only the number of days but which days.”

That special something:  “I remember Phyllis Mendelsohn (Teach ’61-82, Director ’74-’82).  More than thirty years later she could still tell you the name of every child she ever taught – and their siblings!”  – Alumna and recent CCNS parent

“I remember summer camp at CCNS – the days blend into a happy, cozy, childhood joy.”

“It has the best playground of any of the schools we looked at – the great train and the boat, swings, and slide.”

Alumni coming back for more:  “Since I have such fond memories of CCNS from my own childhood, my husband and I are delighted that our daughter shares the same opportunity.  She is enjoying nursery school life to the fullest and we look forward to our grandchildren someday attending too!”  – Alumna and recent CCNS parent

“I chose CCNS because my parents sent my sister and me, and we loved it and I wanted to send my children to a school that encouraged family participation.”

On the CCNS “family” feeling:  “People cook for families with newborn babies, pick up each other’s kids, and do for each other like a family.”

“At CCNS, families are involved.  The kids all really know each other.  Dads know each other because events include dads and the entire family.  When we first moved [to town] that was wonderful for us.  It was great for the whole family.”

“I love that other kids at the school know they can come to me.  And not only am I comfortable with their parents, but my kids are comfortable with those parents.”

On developing lifelong friendships at CCNS:  “I made my best friend in town when our kids were at CCNS.”

“My daughter’s best friend is someone she met at CCNS.”

“I have no family in the area, so it was a great way to meet moms and make friends.”

On teaching style:  “CCNS treats each child as a special individual.  I completely trust that the teachers care for my children as I do.”

“This is a place of ‘yes.’  You never hear ‘no’ here.  You hear ‘let’s do’ or ‘maybe we should.’”

“Teachers are so great with how nurturing they are.”

“They really care above and beyond about our kids, more so than at other preschools I’ve seen.”

On participating in the classroom:  “Long before it was popular, CCNS provided an atmosphere for dads to ‘ticipate.”  – Parent of alumni

“I enjoy observing kids in the class, seeing them playing together.”

“It’s great when parents come and can talk with other parents and see the children fitting in right away.”

On helping run the school:  “Your child gets to see you giving back, not only to life, but also to the lives of others.”

“My first clean-up day was when my oldest child was 2 ½, she was helping too and learning by example.”

“The CCNS cooperative setup teaches community involvement to kids and parents.”

“I like the cooperative; I’m shy, so activities help me meet people.”