• Admission

    All applications for admission are processed by the Director. Enrollment is not limited to residents of Croton. The appropriate class is determined by the age of the child as of December 1st of the year of their enrollment, mirroring the current cutoff date of the Croton-Harmon School District.  CCNS has shown flexibility in the past on occasion when certain circumstances suggest the benefit of allowing a child whose birthday falls just outside of the cutoff to be a part of a particular class.  If such accommodation is made, it is understood by both the family and school that the age differential must eventually be rectified according to district mandated cutoff dates for children entering kindergarten.  A waiting list of applicants is kept when classes are full.

    Please click here to request a CCNS Information Packet.

  • School Tours

    We welcome you to call (914) 271-4451 to arrange a school tour or a visit to CCNS while classes are in session. We would be happy to show you around; taking a tour is a great way to see CCNS in action!

  • Scholarships

    CCNS offers monetary assistance that allows all community members to attend regardless of income level.

    Scholarships are available on the basis of need, in accordance with the school’s desire to be a true community nursery school for all children. Scholarship information is handled confidentially. CCNS does not discriminate by race, religion, sex or handicap with regard to admissions or the granting of scholarships.

  • Summer Camp

    Download and print an application form. We have made the form available in the following formats:

    Summer Camp (PDF)

    Just print it out, fill it out, and mail it out.