A Note from the Director

“Welcome to all new families and congratulations on joining a co-op!

This is a time in your child’s life when you will have an open view into his or her class.  You will get to know all of his or her classmates, and all of their parents.  You will get to talk to his or her teacher on a daily basis, and you will be thoroughly involved.  Additionally, you will make friendships here that will last a lifetime.

We will work together with one main goal:  to provide a safe, nurturing environment that fosters the emotional and cognitive development of children.  We recognize that play is fundamental to the intellectual development of young children.  Nursery school is the foundation for years of learning yet to come.  It is here that children will learn flexibility in their thinking — namely, the ability to look at problems from several angles until a solution can be found.  They’ll learn to be tolerant and to work with others, whatever their differences. toward a common goal.  And to thrive in a rapidly changing world, we understand that they will need a can-do attitude and a solid sense of their own competence.  The preschooler learns through direct experience by doing and acting upon his or her environment.  In touching, seeking, hearing, experiencing, and playing, the child builds ideas and concepts.”

Barbara Swanson, CCNS  Director and Teacher